Helping Chinese and Asian expats integrate abroad


We created a unique tailored coaching and mentoring service unequalled in the market because we believe that the increasing number of Asians in the UK deserve a service that caters exactly to their needs. Our programmes are designed around their cultural specific requirements and are therefore a more effective support than general intercultural trainings available elsewhere.



We help HR and managers stop worrying about settling in their Chinese and Asian oversea staff so they can concentrate on their daily tasks.

Our Basic or flexible programmes are designed to help overcome cultural shock and shorten the settling period to enhance expat’s performance and productivity quicker.

Key Company benefits

  • Promote team productivity and performance
  • Ensure a good ROI on your Chinese or Asian expat staff
  • Increase in staff loyalty and retention
  • Impose staff mental health
  • Increase in self-confidence and development
  • Reduce HR and manager tensions


Pre Uni

We help college students to prepare for the best time of their lives while also enhancing their personal skills.

Key benefits

  • Promote self-awareness
  • Enhance communication and relationship skills
  • Increase mental resilience
  • Health and safety
  • To be more focus
  • Be You and confident


We inspire to aspire graduates and interns to become more marketable in the corporate world while maintaining their own identity.

Key benefits

  • Promote organizational and self-awareness
  • Enhance communication and relationship skills
  • Increase mental resilience
  • Social media etiquettes
  • How to be more marketable
  • Be You and confident


We help foreign investors and resident expats to enhance their experience in the UK so they can integrate further abroad with a sense of greater business and personal fulfilments.

Key benefits

  • Promote business and self-awareness
  • Enhance communication and relationship skills
  • Increase mental resilience
  • Promote work life balance
  • How to utilize IT – social media
  • Be You and confident

Add on packages:

Spouse support programme

Language assistance programme

Business coach and mentoring

About page

The team

Eva Tarabichi – the expat coach with a big passion for China

An experienced and International Coach Federation certified coach whose mission is to help expats stop feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the pressure of performing well in a new position while transitioning into a new culture and supporting their families. Eva draws on her work experience in multinational law firms, political institutions and lobbying associations and also an alumna of the prestigious Beijing Daxue. Eva is passionate about coaching Chinese expats to become happier, more integrated, better at communicating in an international environment and reaching their full potential during their stay abroad.


Dean Yu – the expat mentor who brings the best of both worlds

Dean grew up in the UK and worked in Asia for 12 years across different sectors spanning from manufacturing to retail, before returning back to the UK in 2011. Dean has experienced being an expat on both continents and also understands that being a returning expat can also be daunting. A mentor for business and personal growth, Dean is passionate about helping people – especially Asians – to overcome the fear of living in another country so they can enjoy the full experience of being abroad to benefit their company and their personal growth.

Katherine Cui – The ordinary to extraordinary mumprenuer 

Katherine was born in Ningxia, China and completed her MBA in 2003 at Leeds Beckett University. Her experiences in education, business consultancy and start-ups helped her to become more culturally aware especially when she moved to the UK in 2011. After being a mum of three children she realised the importance of not losing oneself as the multiple roles mums have can be very demanding, even more so if you are in a foreign country. Now she provides different skills workshops for mums and women to instil confidence in becoming a confident woman they all once were.